International Online Educa edubloggers dinner (#in)

On Thursday December 1, 2011 Hans de Zwart and I organize the international Online Educa edubloggers dinner.


Networking, informal talk, having fun while eating and drinking.

For who?

Everybody interested in blogging about technology-enhanced learning. It's not necessary that you have your own blog. You even don't have to be an Evangelist. A believer is sufficient 😉


Thursday December 1, 2011, 20.00 hrs.


In a restaurant near the place where the Online Educa is held. So on walking distance from the Intercontinental. We will take into account that we' re in the middle of a economic crisis.


We are not sure yet. If the group is small, we will have a menu. If the group is bigger, it might be a buffet. Everybody pays it's own food and drinks. We're Dutch, so we are going Dutch. If we have to order a buffet we might ask you to pay beforehand.


Please comment this blog post. Fill in your email address when you comment (it will not be visible). Let us know if you have suggestions for restaurants on walking distance of the hotel. Furthermore, you should mention if you are vegetarian or if you have a diet (in case of an allergy or so). You can also mail this info to wilfred(at)


Due to logistics the deadline for registration is November 22, 2011.

We will inform you by old-fashioned e-mail when we have found a decent restaurant.

René van der Burgt made this picture in 2008 during an Edublogger dinner in Berlijn.

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Wilfred Rubens (1964) currently works as an independent consultant on technology enhanced learning. He provides advice, keynotes, presentations, workshops and classes about technology enhanced learning. Wilfred has been professionally involved in e-learning for more than 20 years. For more than 13 years he blogs about ICT and learning. June 2013 he published a book about elearning trends and developments (in Dutch). Recently he was co-author of a book about social learning. Wilfred is also one of the editors of the Dutch portal, member of the advisory board of the anual Dutch Next Learning conference and member of the advisory board of the ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN.

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9 reacties op “International Online Educa edubloggers dinner (#in)
  1. Hans de Zwart schreef:

    I’ll be there!

  2. I missed the Edublogdiner of OWD11, so I would miss this one. Count me in!

  3. Job schreef:

    Natuurlijk! Ich bin dabei!

  4. Willy de Jong schreef:

    Uitstekend idee, ik doe mee!

  5. Rene Persoon schreef:

    Leuk idee! Wij zijn er ook bij (3 mensen).

  6. Chahira Nouira schreef:

    Hi everyone!
    I would like to join the eduloggers dinner.

  7. Wilfred Rubens schreef:

    Hi everyone,
    We are with nine people. Nice group. I contacted a restaurant, and am waiting for a confirmation. I will keep you informed.

  8. Chahira Nouira schreef:

    Dank u wel, Wilfred!


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