Wilfred Rubens Top 10 Learning Tools (#in)

Dank zij Willem Karssenberg werd ik er aan herinnerd dat ik mijn lijst met favoriete leertechnologieën bij Jane Hart nog moest updaten. Bekijk ook de eerdere edities. Hier is de uitgebreide versie.

My list of favorite learning tools is changing regularly. Below you find the most recent list. In a few days my iPad will arrive. So I expect some changes in this list soon.

  1. Tweetdeck – Twitter application that points out to me new resources used by other experts. I use it to share thoughts and information with other learning professionals. Great for asking questions (and giving answers).
  2. Google Reader – Since I use an Apple iPhone, and I have the opportunity to be online 24/7, I use Google Reader to read about 400 RSS feeds.
  3. TypePad – I use this blog tool for some years now. Userfriendly and reliable. Helps me reflecting on developments.
  4. del.icio.us – Great tool to save and share interesting websites and blog posts. I use it to collect sources for presentations, papers, articles and -of course- blog posts.
  5. Apple iPhone – to check e-mail, to search for information, to use several Apps, to view YouTube films, to twitter (using Tweetdeck). Access to the internet 24/7
  6. SpotLight – great search option on my MacBook. I use it to search lots of documents and presentations on my MacBook.
  7. Google Search – I use it to search my weblog (personal learning archive) and, of course- the Internet.
  8. LinkedIn – resource to look for experts
  9. YouTube – More and more I watch videos about learning, ICT etc for inspiration and learning.
  10. Fronter – the virtual learning environment of our institute. I use it for knowledge sharing with colleagues.

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Wilfred Rubens (1964) currently works as an independent consultant, project leader, blogger and teacher in the field of technology enhanced learning. He leads innovative projects, he provides advice, keynotes, presentations, workshops and classes about technology enhanced learning. Wilfred has been professionally involved in e-learning for more than 20 years. For more than 15 years he blogs about ICT and learning. He is (co-)author of a book about elearning trends and developments (in Dutch), and a book about social learning. Wilfred is also one of the editors of the Dutch portal e-learning.nl, member of the advisory board of the anual Dutch Next Learning conference and member of the advisory board of the ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN. wilfred@wilfredrubens.com http://www.wilfredrubens.com

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2 comments on “Wilfred Rubens Top 10 Learning Tools (#in)
  1. JoG schreef:

    Blijkbaar vind je het al niet meer de moeite waard (? ;-)) om jouw pc, laptop of netbook op #1 te vermelden. Is die al zo vanzelfsprekend als …? De iPhone is namelijk het enige apparaat dat je vermeld, de rest is software. Software draait echter niet op of in de lucht… Bij jou zal vast een MacBook op #1 horen!? 🙂

  2. Wilfred Rubens schreef:

    @JoG: klopt. Ik beschouw mijn macBook wat dat betreft als een ‘commodity’.


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