OEB2009: Mixed Media for Learning: Hype or Hit? Join!

Today at 2 pm I will chair the session "Mixed Media for Learning: Hype or Hit?" at the Online Educa Berlin. Presentations and discussions about several debate propositions will alternate. We will use Coverit Life as a back channel. If you use Twitter, please use the hash tag oebmm. Your tweets will show up in our back channel as well.

You must login to comment. For example with your Facebook or Twitter-account. That's one of the lessons I learned reading Vicki Davis' blogpost on back channel's.

Here you can find the debate propositions (unfortunately Slideshare ruined the text a little bit):

Oeb 2009 Mixed Media

View more presentations from wrubens.

You can find Paul den Hertog's presentation on slideshare:

Upscaling weblectures in a large educational organization

View more presentations from pauldenhertog.

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